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Creative Weekend To do List (3/12-3/14)

Posted on: March 11, 2010

Wow. What a week so far. I know it’s only Thursday and I still have another day to get  here but all I want is for Saturday morning to get here. I need a break from the phones ringing, residents whining, having to walk around on egg shells so I don’t upset anyone. This weekend I don’t plan on doing me very much. I wanted to share my creative weekend to do list with you guys again. I just hope I’m able to scratch some of the list this weekend.

By the way, I got this idea from KaileenElise. I absolutely adore her blog and her! I forgot to credit her for this last time. I’m sorry! Those of you who haven’t checked her blog out yet. What are you waiting for?

  • Work on my tattoo design- I’ve narrowed it down to the pattern and design. Now debating on colors, location, & size
  • Put together another feel good playlist
  • Work on a few Project Cheer Up packages
  • Cook something new- I’m not sure what, but expect a post about whatever yummy goodness I pick!
  • Perfect the side braid

What do you plan to do this weekend? I’m really hoping that it’s nice outside so that I can maybe venture out for a walk at some point.


2 Responses to "Creative Weekend To do List (3/12-3/14)"

What kind of tattoo are you designing? I have 2. A moon/star on my hip and the Japanese symbol of strength on my back…I’ve been toying with the idea of a third 🙂 enjoy a restful and rejuvinating weekend!

I’m designing 2. I don’t have any yet, but I love tattoos. The one I’m working on now is a hibiscus flower, the inside of the petal/leaves are going to be paisley. I can’t decide if I want it to be all black or if I want it to have color. I’m leaning towards all black though. I think I’m going to get it on my left side, right above my but, more on my sise hip. (If you can picture that haha) I want it pretty big, like 6 by 7 inches. The 2nd one is going to be the Ohm symbol with cherry blossoms. I don’t know where I want it or the size. I was thinking a semi back piece half way up my back and onto my shoulder–I’m not sure I’m bad ass enough to get away with it though– I will def. update about it once I get them.


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  • Analiese: Hi there! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I thought I'd stop by and say hello. Your tattoo inspired by cherry blossoms sounds amazing. I actua
  • Heather: Thanks Carolyn. It's no problem I'm just going to use a generic one until I can get a custom. Have you updated your subscription yet?? Http://everyyda
  • Carolyn: Ohhh Heather...I wish I were talented enough to do that..Sorry :-(
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