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Every year since I can remember my dad would call me or come wake me up on my birthday and ask me “Well do you feel any older?” My answer would always be, “No dad let me sleep.” He would always reply with “One day you won’t be so lucky.”

Last Monday I turned 22 years old. It was the first year I can honestly say that I felt ‘older’. My normal birthday routine is to dance around, in my underwear of course, singing my happy birthday song–maybe one day I’ll get drunk enough and V-log it for ya, until then back to my getting old story. This year, I rolled out of bed about 8:30am fed the kitten crazies made a pot of coffee and thought. Ya I do that a lot these days, it doesn’t get me far, but it’s okay.

This year when my dad called me and asked “Well do you feel any older?” I replied with “Ya, screw you and you always being right.” He just laughed. My dad turns 40 in a few days, so he’ll get what’s coming to him.

Around 1:00 I ran down to the mail box to retrieve my birthday cards, only to be disappointed in the place of my birthday cards was an electric bill. Not what I wanted, nor what I expected. Why did I not get any birthday cards? Does being 22 mean that the cards end? Pretty bummed, I went back upstairs thinking “Well I’m sure they’ll call me to wish me a happy birthday then”. Boy was I wrong. I just happened to check my e-mail and I had 50 bazillion emails from Facebook from people posting “Happy Birthday” on my wall–no personal messages, no ideas for plans for the night–just “Happy Birthday”. As I was scrolling (and erasing) I came across one from Shiloh—my mother. By now it’s almost 2:00pm. My mother has not called to wish me a happy birthday–instead she posts on my Facebook wall. What the hell?? No birthday cards, no personal facebook posts, nobody wants to make plans for dinner or anything, no phone calls from family. WHAT THE HELL!!

Ya I feel older, and I hate it. What age did you actually feel ‘older’? Can I go back to being young and carefree?? Can I trade my electric bill for brightly colored birthday cards filled with money?? Please??



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